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Bullet With Your Name On - Engraved bullets - great Military gifts or for the man with everything

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Engrave a Bullet With Your Name On right here on the site! Just choose the one you want, enter your text and we'll do the rest.....

Or how about somebody else's name on there? If you're looking for something a bit different for the man who has everything they make awesome military gifts, certain to give you the satisfaction of some speechless silence.......

So, take a look around the site - there's heaps to see. Down the left are the different calibers we sell, and clicking on those will give you further info about that cartridge along with a choice of products. At the top where it says "Choose By" are a few ways to help you choose what to go for - maybe something used in your favourite movie, or perhaps by conflict.

Personalised military gifts at Bullet With Your Name On

Gifts for soldiers, gamers or just the man that has everything....

How it all works:

 - Choose your calibre - the list is on the left to go directly to them, or explore the site to find where they are used.

- Choose your product - keyrings, necklaces, dog ID tags and more - check them out!

- Enter your text - use the online editor to see how it will look and customize until it's perfect

 - Checkout! - and wait for your speedy delivery

Don't know which to go for? Just click one of the strips on the right and find something perfect for you...

Or just check out our Buying Guide to get into the details of which to go for!

Military Gifts

Perfect for your soldier if they're deploying, passing out or even retiring. If you've got a boyfriend / husband / son in the army or military and need a military gift that's a reminder of home then an engraved bullet with a name or personal message makes a perfect keep-sake.

Put it on a necklace and it can be with him at all times through thick and thin. If he's a NATO country soldier he'll be using these:


7.62x51mm (.308 Win)

Machine gun / sniper round used in the heavy stuff.

5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Standard assault rifle cartridge across the world. 

9x19mm Parabellum

Handgun cartridge used by all but Special forces (who like the .45 ACP). 

Gifts for Gamers

You’ve played the game, used the guns and dodged the bullets. Now why not get the real thing? Or if you need to buy a gift for gaming crazy teenager, you won't go far wrong with a bullet with their name on.

Or how about your gamertag? Your clan's name? We can do whatever you want with up to four lines of text and a choice of calibres from most weapons. Recognise any of these?



It's really easy, and if you want some more help then just check out the buyers guide page by clicking the link above!